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About Us

Phoenix Pharmacy is an independent retail pharmacy offering prescription medications to the general public. We provide a wide variety of services that cover both acute and chronic conditions. Phoenix Pharmacy specializes in HIV medications and compounding. Our pharmacist is certified and has received recognition by American Academy of HIV Medicines (AAHIVM).

Phoenix Pharmacy provides manufactured and compounded medications. Compounded medication is an individualized prescription medication prescribed by medical practitioners such medical doctors, physician assistants, and nurses. Compounded medication is individualized through its ingredients as well as the mode of administration. For patients with allergies to some ingredients in commercially available medications, compounded medications will provide huge relief in taking the medications. Compounded medications can be modified to the patients’ need and preference. Compounded medications can be made into troches, lozenges, lollipop, cream, ointment, and even tablet. Phoenix Pharmacy is part of Phoenix community and strive to help Phoenicians improve their quality of life.